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Manufacturing Steel Structures and Equipment in Estonia since 2016

Nortex Production Ltd.
is a manufacturing company

The main activities of our company - production and installation of metal structures of various levels of complexity from structural and stainless steel. We produce original and standard metal structures of any complexity level.

Using only high-quality rolled metal, we work with both carbon and stainless steel. We carry out the following types of metalworking – all basic types of welding, as well as bending, blasting and painting. We provide a range of turnkey services. At the Customer’s request, we organize delivery, as well as construction and installation work on the Customer’s territory.

Our principle of working with clients is quickly, efficiently and affordably. Delivery of orders within contract terms is the main criteria of our work. Each product released from our production meets all the requirements and procedures of the Customer.

We have extensive experience in shipbuilding - the production of various ship blocks, such as superstructures, all kinds of sections and bulkheads with a maximum level of outfitting (steel and electrical fittings), including blasting and painting.

A separate production line is the turnkey construction of special barges used for fish breeding (aquaculture), as well as related equipment.

We realize the following
types of products


In the manufacturing of structures for shipbuilding, such as superstructures, tanks, silos, and outfitting, we use aluminum-manganese alloys using MIG/ MAG technology and TIG welding in shielding gases.

Civil structures

We produce elements of civil buildings, including ventilation systems, containers, and building frames, according to individual customer orders.

Production of special-purpose barges

Our specialists participated in the design and technical support of the working documentation for various projects, including special-purpose barges.

Production facilities

Production facilities allow producing structures with maximum dimensions LxWxH - 50x25x10m and weighing up to 200 tons.

Metal Structure Workshop

  • Working area
  • Height of working zone
  • Gates
    Height 10m
    Width 15m
  • Number of cranes and lifting capacity
    First bay 30tn 30tn 10tn
    Second bay 5tn 5tn

Block Assembly Workshop

  • Working area
  • Height of working zone
  • Gates
    Height 10m
    Width 22m
  • Number of cranes and lifting capacity
    2 cranes 50tn + 50tn

Painting Workshop

  • Working area
  • Height of working zone
  • Gates
    Height 6.5m
    Width 18m

Basin for barges launching Length X Width X Draft 55x26x3.3m
Portal gantry crane capacity 100 tons


The company's activities are carried out in accordance with the quality system and are confirmed by certificates: EN 3834-2 , EN 1090-2

All welders have the necessary certificates in accordance with EN ISO 4063 and EN ISO 9606-1 standards

In the production process the following is used:

  • Using of certified base materials
  • Using of certified equipment and welding material
  • Using of all types of non-destructive testing of welds (VT, UT, X-ray, and MPI)
  • EN1090-2
    Certificate (PDF)
  • EN3834-2
    Certificate (PDF)

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